Friday, December 11, 2009

Out of commission

This was my attempt at taking some Christmas pre concert photos , Mason was not so much in the mood , I knew my camera would not be equipped to capture any moments at the actual concert , it is a big let down at any distance.

Sophie was feeling a little shy too.
The concert went well , Mason played the trumpet , amazing , and Sophie was oh so animated in her acts as well , we had a great time , all seemed well... that is until we got home , I felt drunk , that is the only way I can describe it , so weird . Nope not drunk just so so ill with the flu , thankfully it waited until I got home because it was the work bout of the flu I can recall , this was Tuesday and yesterday I could finally get up a little and do a few things , but seem to wear out rather quickly .

Have spent more than my fair share in bed over the last 72 hours about 68 hours out of 72 , hopefully today will be the real turning point no headaches or dizzy spells or queasy stomach moments maybe I can eat today's hoping...

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