Thursday, December 24, 2009

Sad day yesterday

I bought this beautiful cake stand many years ago , it is my most favorite item in the kitchen by far , it makes everything look yummy and beautiful , well it was a sad day yesterday when I went into the cupboard to get it out and found this sad sad sight , I yelled and nearly cried , "why me" I know I am fortunate that is all that I have to bring me nearly to tears , but it did .
This is not the only thing to be broken lately , things seems to be getting destroyed in droves lately , last week alone my Oster beehive blender was broken , my iron was knocked off the ironing board by careless maneuvering and the foot broken so now although it works it is a hazard , and my mixer , my crock pot and now this , feeling a little cursed.

Of course none of these things were broken by me but by an unnamed single member of my family , years back it was my husband who used to break my precious finds , he has since become much more careful and he hasn't broken a thing in years , although he did wash a barfed on slipcover cushion cover in WARM water yesterday , so maybe it won't fit , we will soon see if it still fits, cross your fingers.

In remembrance of my broken green cake stand I chose green for the color of this recent batch of sugar cookies , such a pretty shade , don't you think ?

This is how I ice my cookies , I pipe the shape just in from the edge of the cookies , this allows me to flood the cookie with icing.

Then I sloppily fill in the center with a generous amount of icing , using the tip I can guide the icing into any empty spaces.

After I let the icing set I added another layer of icing , doubly sweet.

I went out to Homesense in search of a new cake stand , didn't find the one I wanted , I will keep searching , but I did find a lovely double decker stand , which will be painted SOON.

I also picked up this diner style cake stand which was on sale with this glass lid , they can't break this one right ?

Have a very Merry Christmas , see you soon.

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