Thursday, December 24, 2009

The PJ Eve Party Begins

we have just opened our Christmas eve pj presents for the girls , they needed to get ready before our guests arrived , the girls also exchanged their gifts to each other like we always do on Christmas eve and they decided to give me an early gift too , the lovely earrings I am wearing in the photo , aren't they sweet , I love these earrings , I had pointed them out a while ago.

The house is a glow with candles.

It feels like a winter wonderland.

I came up with a great little temporary platter today I wanted to share with you , I turned this little bowl upside down and placed a matching plate a top making a perfect temporary platter.

Looks like the real thing doesn't it?

Looks pretty yummy doesn't it ?

The bar is ready to rock , can you see we have a bottle of Caramilk liqueur , I will let you know how that tastes , we have some Spanish wine and mom's bringing the pomtini's , looking forward to some good cheer.
Sleep tight , hope Santa is good to you
Merry Christmas to all my wonderful family , friends , readers and followers and general supporters , thanks you so much .

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