Monday, December 21, 2009

It's almost here

Apple Jacket

I found and ordered these adorable knit goodies at Jacqueline knits etsy shop , these are what I think will make great gifts , not telling for who , this goes along with my handmade Christmas .
I love these knit coffee sleeves , they are the nicest yarn . The shop is closed now , but you may want to check back in the new year...

I have been dragging my feet with new projects , that is for sure , with all the Christmas baking and gifting I haven't had time for much in the line of home projects , I also blame the cold weather , when I am cold I find it hard to get motivated , its almost like hibernation has set in you will find me often curled up under a blanket or two .
This must be what it is like when your house is complete and just the way you want it , I look around and have nothing to rip apart , finally some time for resting .

Yesterday I decided to take a crack at making some dining room slips for my ladder back chairs , I used a neutral linen to make these simple slips , I stamped on the numbers , they are birthday's , well really there is only one so far , I added the ruffled hem and there you have it a new look for an old chair.

While out browsing for my wish item {a toaster that makes egg mcmuffins} which I did find , we spotted this major ginger bread house , well its not a house but a department store , so cute , lights , a tractor trailer , and everything .

I loved the roof with sprinkled on snow of icing sugar and dripping snow , very inspiring , well not enough to make me delve into the ginger bread house field .

I've been spending much time with my little buddy Moe , he loves to snuggle and helps to keep me warm .

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