Monday, October 15, 2007

I took some new shots of my house , I like the new perspective of my bedroom, it hard to take photos of this room as I have a big exercise machine in that room, which I really should use,huh!
I just realized I should have submitted this photo in my book, that's a really good one of the family room.

So there was a bit of a fiasco with the submission, I just put together a book of photos and little tidbits about what I had done for each photo, when I was all done I looked up the address and noticed they wanted 500 words or LESS, apparently I can get a little wordy, as I had over 1400 words , so back to the drawing board and condense condense I did, got it down to 490 words.
I mailed it this morning, it should be there tomorrow, however pathetically today is the deadline to have it post marked, if I hadn't hit that bump in the road I would've had it in well before, oh well.
On a side bar, the local shop that I had a grievance with called me this morning , shock how did they know it was me???, we spoke she understood where my concerns were coming from and she is going to remove her peanut free claims and add a warning to her shop *may have come in contact with nuts/peanuts. I feel very vindicated , and pleased that I was able to enlist change and in turn potentially protect an unexpected exposure as well I am very pleased that the conversation was very calm and pleasant, clearly this is a nice woman who thought she was doing well by families like mine. Simple miss education.

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