Thursday, October 18, 2007

Table Makeover

This is the new fabric I found at it is double width , such a bonus. The best thing about this fabric store is that they will send you up to 8 samples, FREE , as long as you send them back with in a certain period of time, so you can see them in your space, when I saw this one it was perfectly suited. They will also ship your fabric to you in a very short period of time , you can shop from home. Wonderful, how did we ever get on without the internet?

I bought this sturdy and ample old table at my favorite flea market recently , as Sophie's former table was over flowing, and tiny, so I gave it a good lick of lavender pink paint and a new plastic/crystal look knob, and it is much nicer, and she loves it.

It still needs a little bit of sanding and distressing to hide any child abuse it will undoubtedly take. It is a touch higher than I would've wanted, but I couldn't bear to cut the leg, because it functions well at that height, as well the old bed is quite low.

S is for Sophie which I hand painted , it is probably my favorite thing, I can't imagine painting over it. I have found the perfect fabric for the drapes in this room, as the current ones are now drastically clashing since I bought the new bedding and the table goes so well with the bedding and also clashes with the drapes. I found a cheery stripe. As well the roller shades need to be replaced as they are showing their wear and tear, but my trouble is what to replace it with.

This is my tuffett ,it was easy to make, I had these little legs , cast off of an old gate leg table, a round piece of MDF that I cut and two small circles of foam ,batting , my staple gun ,fabric and trim , voila a tuffett, I made this about 4 years ago, it has held up very well. It is usually a bed for a Webinz.

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