Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Emily's story please read Emily's story told by her parents , it is very touching , a parents worst nightmare, well certainly mine. As well at the bottom of the page you will find Sabrina's story , Sabrina's mother is a hero , she has lobbied for the safety of all anaphylactic children in schools across Ontario resulting in Sabrin's Law being passed, which ensures procedures are in place for all children with severe food allergies. She is also helping to pass law's throughout the rest of Canada as well as in the United States. A true hero who when faced with the loss of her child by again accidental exposure due to trace amounts of a food allergen in school decided to make changes. I am truly thankful.

I wanted to post this link to an eye opening story about Emily, who died at the age of 13 due to eating trace amounts of peanuts in a sandwich she had eaten many times before. It shows just how delicate this allergy is, trace amounts, you don't need to eat a peanut butter sandwich to have an anaphylactic reaction.

The reason I am mentioning this is because of my recent alarming concerns of the school my children attend purchasing baked goods to sell to the children under the false claim they are peanut-free, first all items I feed my child need to be free of nuts and peanuts and that includes trace amounts. Deaths occur because of accidental exposures, hidden dangers.

Emily's Story is a tragic yet perfect example to get that point across.

Now I don't blame anyone but the bakery for misleading these ladies who thought they were providing a safe product for the children. I have contacted the BBB to have this bakery remove there claim of safety. They admitted to me all of the concerns I had, they have and bake with tree nuts , as well as they say they are peanut free but don't guarantee anything, and worst compared a nut allergy to a milk intolerance not at all in the same league.There are many dedicated bakeries that go to great lengths to be safe for children like mine, like

and peanut/nut free is a claim that comes with serious consequences if there is a slightest mistake.

I am struggling with my confidence as far as safety for Sophie, it pains me to send her to school these past couple of weeks,I need to trust everyone around her to watch out for her safety.

If I can enlighten a few people about the fragility of this allergy then we are all ahead.

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