Saturday, October 6, 2007

I'm caving, I need to show you this project

I had to show you how well this project turned out, I found this round exterior shutter under a clearance table at a local lumber store, a miss order , it was $30.00 marked down from $75.00 , Oh I love the mark down, I decided it was perfect for the peaked area of my vaulted ceiling room, I think it looks like it was always there.

Here is the before, I almost forgot that , I get so excited to get things done.

I used a construction adhesive, Power Grab, and nails to hold it in place, thankfully I found this ladder on sale, not many house would accommodate a 10 foot step ladder , and really only this room in my house will, but for hanging curtains, washing those windows and painting it will make life much easier.I will still need it for tomorrows project of installing new mouldings around those high windows, the ladder made the scary job of tearing out the old stuff much less scary.

My house is so Nantucket Beach , it was always the vision I had for this house , even when we bought it 5 years ago from plans. I hope you like it.
Happy Thanksgiving Canadian pals. Yes that right my American friends , thanksgiving is Monday here in Canada. We keep somethings just for ourselves I guess.

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