Thursday, May 31, 2012


 As the home improvements slow down , due to a little bit of burn out I am enjoying my new kitchen from time to time. I finally hit the restaurant supply store finally that I have been meaning to do for a while. I found the ice cream scoop section , there were many different sizes to choose from. I chose a 2oz scoop , which happened to be the yellow handled scoop. For me this is going to be used for cookies and cupcake scooping only. It works beautifully unlike my cheap semi-broken one.
 What a perfectly scooped cookie.
 I have been hunting for a ceiling fan for our bedroom just to get the air moving a little. I like how quiet ceiling fans can be, I like the little bit of air movement in the summer especially. I have seen so many hideously ugly fans , they are so horrible. Who designs these things? I can not find one single fan with a light attached that I would want to see hanging over my bed. Something needs to be done, really. So my goal was to find a SIMPLE plain fan with no light. I am happy to say I finally found it , made by Monte Carlo. Its small simple and plain , just what I was looking for .
 Just in case you have been living under a rock 1D is is One Direction , a little boy band from Britain. My oldest Mason just loves them. The t-shirts they are wearing , well my husband made them for the kids, I guess it was a family affair. Of course getting tickets for any big concert is impossible, as soon as tickets for these kinds of concerts go on sale they are gone. Some of us tried online over and over and resale sites of course and some of us even tried our special connections , but we were not successful at making their dreams come true of seeing this concert . So sad , I truly tried and felt badly we couldn't get tickets, especially because Mason didn't whine and complain but just accepted she wouldn't be going , I mean she was sad but she was not awful.
But on Tuesday I remembered that the concert was going to take place and I figured I would try ticketmaster again , and to my complete shock , it WORKED!!! I was able to get three lawn seats , that's twice now that I have been able to get tickets on the day of an event. Her dad and I were so happy to make this dream come true. She cried of happiness....I was so happy I didn't give up. There's nothing like your first real concert.
 So with just a moments notice we all got together , two mom's and three girls and headed into the city along with I don't know 20,000 other girls. It was craziness , but it was fun. We handed them off their tickets , um scary, and they were off.
Where they had the concert there is really nothing to do unless you have your yacht handy, mine was in the when the ticket scalper asked us if we wanted to go in , it seemed like a good idea. They have food , washrooms and a PARENTS LOUNGE , ha we were there, $15 a ticket to chill in comfort , it was perfect.  I texted Mason to tell her we got into the concert too , she said " your joking , please say your joking" LOL!!!! nope ...I'm such an embarrassment to her , but I'm in her good books for now.
Just in case you aren't sure who One Direction is , well this is them . They had the time of their lives , and cried their eyes out, ha ha . I guess it was emotional , Mason said it was the best day of her life , what more could a mom hope for. So cute, oh to be a teenager again .

I'm trying to deal with my grass allergies and trying to muster up the energy to do projects around the house. I am currently trying to install the last set of drapes in the master bedroom , that's 4 in total, installing filler strips and gables in the kitchen , finishing up the stair wainscoting then I will move on to the upstairs hall and finish the floors and railings. But I have slowed right down as you can tell.
Hope you are enjoying the weather where you are. I am a sucker for summer weather.
Bye for now,


Sharon@Sharon at Home said...

Chris ... sometimes it is nice to just let life happen unscripted. To be able to make a teenager cry with happiness ... priceless!
I can imagine you are suffering from burnout ... but a couple slow days and you'll be back in your groove. Enjoy.

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

My daughter loves 1D too. Nothing like a good boy band.

Restyled Home said...

So nice for the girls! I am hoping to get a ticket to see the Biebster at the Rogers Center. Tell me it's not a pipe dream...???

frances said...

I had a flash back to my Donny Osmond days...I went to see him every year at the CNE grandstand..memories I would never want to give up.
There is nothing wrong with taking it easy for a while you have done more than most in just a short time..
enjoy the weather has been very distracting for all of us here in southern ontario.
Cheers Frances

How2home said...

this is my first time visiting your blog and its so lovely! i noticed the first picture of your kitchen backsplash...what is that type of tiling looking for something similar.

I definitely miss being a teenager as carefree and stress free.

Erin @ Two Story Cottage said...

Oh, that is a great story! And I'm totally going to try the day of thing for sold-out concerts. I can so see my daughter doing this when she is older. She is already emotional at almost five!!! :)

Just Beachy said...

how2home, the tile is subway tile

Sarah Tsao said...

thanks chris! and those blueberry muffin looks divine. love the whole look of your kitchen. great stuff

Leslie said...

You are definitely a cool mom!!! What a great story and fantastic ending! Yay for you guys.