Sunday, May 20, 2012

Our bedford grey kitchen

 I could barely wait to show how the kitchen turned out since I finally got around to painting the base cabinets, I still have a few touches like the kick plate so ignore those,ok.
This is the morning after a house full of family. 

 We were having an after party to the big party celebrating my Grandfather's 100th birthday . This is my OPA, my Mom's dad. He recently moved to our city to be closer to family, I thought it was a great decision. He now has his very own apartment , I hope I live as long as he is. He looked amazing , he was happy and he even got a special ride to the party in an old police car. The finance minister of Canada Jim Flaherty came by to present my Opa with some celebratory scrolls and thanked him a couple of times for all the taxes he has paid, ha ha ha, it was very special to all be there to celebrate such a momentous occasion.
My Mom kept a huge secret from me , my sister her husband and my niece all made the long trip from New Brunswick to be here, sneaky family. I was more than shocked. I hadn't seen them in 4 years.
I was working so hard on Friday painting cabinets and finishing up the back splash tiling , the house was an utter disaster. My hubby knew about the big secret and tried to put the house together and even told me to take a break . It was futile I was almost done I wasn't about to pack it all up, I don't know how I didn't suspect something. They pulled it off. Of course I looked a hot mess.
 Don't mind all the dishes in the sink...seriously its full of dishes . I swear. I love the sink . Glad we went with a really deep sink. This allows us to hide the mess and the spray back stays more within the sink because it so deep. Our pull-out faucet allows to easy cleaning too.

 I still need to install the handles on the pots drawers.

 Everything turned out fine with the counters.

This is how it looks today , I'm so happy to have it to this point of completion , the little final touches will get done in time. For now I am going to relax and enjoy the hot hot summer weather, our air conditioner is being installed tomorrow , and looks like just in the nick of time too.

Have a happy weekend , hope your is long like ours is. Bring on the fireworks and marshmallows.

So what was done to this kitchen?
-5" pine floors were installed
- floors were stained dark
- bulkhead set back gap was filled in and trimmed and crown moulding was added
- wine storage was added to balance out the over extended bulkhead
- upper cabinet to the right of the window was removed
- open shelving was added to the right of the range
- all cabinets were sanded , de-glossed , primed and painted
- new hardware was added to drawers
- double garbage pull out was added
- island was added onto to accommodate microwave
- island was clad with plywood and then covered with bead board , two decorative legs were added to add width
- trim was added to the island and it was painted a second shade of grey
- power was added to the island ( by installer)
- butcher block counter was added to the island , stained and protected
-  fridge built in was created and trimmed with crown moulding
- water line was run for the fridge ( by installer)
- open shelving was added to the right of the window
- bead board was added to the hutch area of the kitchen as well as brackets
- new wood shelves were added to replace laminate shelves in the hutch and they were painted
- bamboo blinds were installed
- range and gas line were installed ( by installer)
- large hood was installed ( by installer)
- brackets were installed to upper as well as a small valance to conceal bracket installation
- subway tile was added
- two industrial style pendants and chandelier were hung
- standard counters were removed and marble counters were installed ( by installer)
- large stainless steel sink was installed ( by installer)
- new faucet with pull out was added ( by installer )
- dishwasher ( by installer)
- second hand kitchen table was re-finished
- chalkboard was added

I think that is is as of today , it took me most of the past 11 weeks , I thought 6 weeks , wow was I wrong . I have a hard time estimating lengths of jobs!!!
That list tires me out.

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