Monday, May 14, 2012

before the marble

 I'm sitting here just watching the installers putting in my new BEAUTIFUL marble counters , they are divine , it feels like my birthday and Christmas all rolled into one.

 I was removing as much of the counters myself that I could this morning in preparation for this big event.
I am so so glad I went ahead with the marble and didn't do quartz , the natural beauty of real stone is quite stunning.
This is going to be quite a before and after , standing in front of the hole for this window while the house was not mine and at framing stage I knew this was my house , I could picture it all , the open kitchen the large sink and looking out here enjoying the pond across the street and now it is all coming together.

It amazes me how things can change in a year , last year at this time we  were just starting our bunkie and had no plans of moving any where any time soon , and here we are one year later creating a completely insane dream home and I'm watching my new carrera counters being installed , this I didn't honestly ever for see. I guess going for it , and taking a leap of faith and not letting fear stop me from making such a impulsive move like buying this house , so far so good , no so GREAT.
I feel very blessed to be where we are and to have all we do , I must give a BIG thank you to my husband for working always so hard to provide such a great life for us. He's a rock star. Of course it should be said I am most blessed to have a wonderful, happy ( most times) and healthy family and marriage , life is good.

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