Wednesday, May 9, 2012

300 subway tiles

 A couple of weeks ago I scrambled to get the tiling done behind the range and range hood, but the rest of the tiling just waited. I don't know why I waited so long, well I was waiting for the weather to warm up , and it has. So even though I didn't feel excited to start tiling again, I got to it . I am nearly finished, I would have finished it all but I ran out of tiles.I went through 300 subway tiles. I will have to go and pick up more tile , edge pieces and ceramic trim pieces. We decided to leave some wall bare above the tile on the window wall. I love the extra texture and interest the subway tile ads. Even though our last kitchen had subway tile I am glad we stuck with it for here also.
 I painted some new shelves for the hutch area of the kitchen and finally installed them , I need some more display items, looks like I need to do some shopping. I also found the perfect tray for our coffee station. This is a little plan to help maintain our marble counters , well our future marble counters, keeping the coffee maker contained on a wood tray with pads.
Our marble counters are coming MONDAY .
 I'm so excited to see the counters in. I have dreamed of having marble counters for so long. I'm sure I will be a little nutty at first but marble will age and take on a patina. I have been in some old old homes with marble and there was nothing about it that I didn't like. That is why we are going with HONED , it absorbs the sealer better than polished. There are stain removal kits , and I hear stains grey out over time which just adds to the carrara. I also made sure to have a large prep area of butcher block for those messy foods.
Sophie and I took some time over the weekend to unpack and fill all these little spice jars I picked up. Won't this make it so much easier to cook, I always buy spice in those little bags , the mini bulk bags and they are such a mess , that is until now , bye bye messy bags. They look cute too.

Today I will finish up the kitchen tiling , try to finish the stair painting, and I will be adding a big header with crown moulding to the front door, it needed some more height. The biggest thing I may save for another day is trying to figure out the angles for the stair paneling , the inset trim mitre is a little tricky.

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