Wednesday, May 2, 2012

In non Kitchen News

Today is McHappy Day and I will just have to do my duty and take some time to indulge in a Big Mac for lunch today , it's for a good cause of course.

I want to share with you a blog today The Anthony Crew this blog is my cousin's sister in law's blog. I don't know them personally but have heard some about their story , I thought you should too .
They have had an incredible journey through love and life over the past few years to say the least.
You must check out Bronson's story , their second child was born almost a year ago with Stage 4S Bilateral Adrenal Neuroblastoma with metastases to his liver.  I remember reading updates on Facebook last year , but didn't know what ever happened to Bronson , well I was so thrilled to read that he is growing and is a strong energetic little almost 1 year old. I am so so pleased . I can not imagine the difficult journey they have been through over this last year.

You also must check out their story , you will not believe what this couple has been through , , I mean how much can one couple be tested . They sure are an example of a strong dedicated couple . I really hope the future is kind and gives these guys a break.
Check it out for yourself. Happy McHappy Day.

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