Thursday, May 3, 2012

Lights, lights, lights

 I strongly believe lighting in a home is one of the most important elements to get right . It is a great opportunity to show your style. I love lighting. I sometimes find it hard to decide because there are so many great options. You can spend the earth on lighting, but I refuse to , instead I look for beautiful lighting at amazing prices. Like my beautiful dining room chandelier that I found at Homesense for an amazing price. I am so glad I went back the day after we signed the papers on this house to make this my first new home purchase. Its perfect , well I think it's perfect and really that's all that matters right, that you love your lighting. If it's something you never thought about much you may want to take a second look at your lighting and make some upgrades.

 I look forward to a new round table and new chairs at some point , but before then I need some window treatments. These chairs drive me a little nuts , they are not my style at all. Oh well!!!
 In big news I finally installed our big beautiful pendants , I can not even express how happy I am with this choice. It was so so hard to decide on which pendants to go with . This is the RH Keynes Prism pendant I got it on sale , I like the industrial style . They are still on sale and they are great lights at an amazing price. I couldn't beat it even locally. I settled so many times on lights for over our island but I am glad I reconsidered and went with these. These are the small ones too, ha ha , they add just the right additional light that we needed. They came so quickly thanks to UPS.
 I wanted something that would cast a great light downward for the island but also that would cast a great light all over . They are doing their job.
 The install was tricky getting the right height, easy enough to rearrange the lengths that came with the fixture, if you have 20 foot ceilings this is the light for you ...putting the shades on is a two man job. I am just happy they are installed and that job is behind me.

 Love ...
 I must fill those holes already . Aren't display shelves pretty in the kitchen , I think its so nice to have dishes so handy to grab .
We love the character these pendants have , these pitted bits make it so gorgeous. I pinch myself that these are pictures of my kitchen .....

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