Thursday, May 10, 2012

 I spent most of yesterday working on the stairs , I wonder how many hours has gone into finishing the stairs ? perhaps its better not to know. One more coat of Birch White on the risers and the painting of the stairs will be complete . Actually the upper level hasn't even been started. Just a few touch ups here and there and one more top coat on the treads also.
 It bothered me that the height of the front door was 1 foot shorter than the other doors on the main floor , so I added a large header on to make it a better height, it's so much more balanced now.
The stairs have come a long way  from bare raw wood.
I just need to finish up the wainscoting . That has been harder than expected , plans evolve though and I think it will all work out well. Let's hope.

It's so hard to go to the garden centre and to see all the plants and not be able to partake in the spring updates that I normally do this time of year outdoors. I decided to go ahead and get some pots and ferns since our porch is shaded most of the day , I love the little bit of green . We picked the door color a muted yellow called Rattan. Hopefully the painting will get done tomorrow , the paint on the door right now has taken quite a beating, yuck. The blue would not be my choice .

The yellow we chose looks as close to this as possible. I can't wait , this will be the first touch of mine for the exterior.

I'm staining the kitchen island top today , working on the wainscoting for the stairs , installing some blinds and a bunch of other little jobs that need doing .

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