Saturday, March 31, 2012

What happened this week ?

 Well what happened this week? Well after two days of flooring install last weekend Monday we tried to recover, all this DIY is painful, sore muscles sore knees. Then Tuesday I woke up with some kind of bug that kept me flat out in bed for one entire day , and for the rest of the week I could not eat much at all. But I seem mostly back to normal.
Good thing too because our marble has been ordered and is on its way to our city and should be ready in two weeks. Oh I have some great news to share. Our sink that I had to order which is a single bowl, square edged stainless steel, 16 gauge , deep sink came in way under what it was supposed to. Comparable sinks come in typically around $700 ours came in $330 and it is Canadian made and so so stylish. Amaze Balls!!!

So I was able on Wednesday to hand sand the entire floor with my orbital sander , each joint had to be sanded smooth. I maybe should have rented a big sander but I wanted to use what I had readily available. I duct taped my sander to the shop vac to keep the dust down. And after checking and emptying the shop vac I kept an enormous amount of dust from our environment. It was full of fresh pine dust.
So then onto staining. That was a crazy huge messy job, second guessing my decision there for a minute.
 I have completed one of two coats , its looks a bit chalky and blotchy but after a second coat it will all be extra dark and just what we are looking for . I am looking forward to the end result.

 I started on this little space first , man that stain is messy. I used oil because it spreads and soaks in much better quicker and deeper. But the fumes made me loopy and are ever lasting, major downside. I will have a ton of touch ups to do to my trim.
 You can see how I have the sander taped up to the vac hose , brilliant right, I saw it on a blog , I can not remember which blog.
 This week Sophie chose this super cool light for her bedroom. It is from Rona. Love it , it will look great when the walls are all painted.
One major even occurred this week , grade 8 graduation dress shopping. We we were just looking ....but when we found the cutest purple fluffy dress for Mason why not just get it right? You don't want to risk not finding it again with grad so close. I am having a little trouble with the fact that my first born has almost completed all of grade school. How is it that possible, I remember it like yesterday her being in kindergarten and now that way off in the future place imagining her in grade 8 walking down the stairs in a pretty dress all grown up is already here? Its pretty sad to think it all went by so fast.
They are colourful aren't they ???? Mason wanted a short pageant style dress, she loves the ideas of pageants because of toddlers and tiara's , too funny. The dress looked perfect on her . She tried on about 6 and we found just the right one for her. It was a painless , fun and successful shopping trip.

So that is mush of what happened this week. Got the down payment on the marble paid so that is in motion now , yippy.
Moving on to removing some kitchen cabinets, adding a gable to the fridge area and installing a deeper cabinet above from IKEA, thank you IKEA $48 is all that will cost. Moving over the entire all of uppers beside the fridge too , not so exciting. Gonna be sore again ...


marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Wow, you really have been busy. The floors look amazing. I love them. Great to find the perfect dress, I know she is thrilled. Hugs, Marty

Living Lakeside said...

Looking good so far! I love how you layed the flooring in the powder room. Might try talking my hubby into considering something like this when we do his office in the basement. I like the border around the room and since we are doing the basement one room at time I think it would be okay to change the direction of the boards up in each room! What do you think?!

From one girl with too many projects to another! Thanks for sharing and inspiring!


frances said...

You hand sanded that entire floor? Holy no wonder you got sick...great job though.
It's all coming together beautifully and congrats on the dress I know how hard that can be..Cheers Frances

Cynthia said...

Sounds like a successful week!
My daughter is graduating grade 8 also, and we have been dress shopping. Do you mind telling me of that store? Is it in Oshawa? I am not having much luck here in Ptbo.


Just Beachy said...

Cynthia , that was in Oshawa at the OC at a little store called Julie\s near the BAY.

Kat , I think its interesting to change up the direction of the flooring , why not!

Linda said...

Like the design on the powder room floor.
My grandaughter ended up getting her prom dress while down in Florida.
Can't wait to see the finale.

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

Dark stain is the worst to put down. I can't believe you did all that yourself with a little sander like that! You are a champ.

Cynthia said...

Thanks Chris!
Went there today and found Zoe a dress!!! Woot, woot!


yayasista said...

Hey Chris the floors look great! Was just wondering where you got your kitchen sink from?? I am looking for the exact same thing and that is a great deal!!

Just Beachy said...

I got my sink from Home Depot Canada

Just Beachy said...

That's so great

Amy Tibbetts said...

Hi Chris-
Everything looks amazing so far. I have a question regarding the pendant in your daughters room. Is it "Beach" single pendant by Lumirama? Could you send me a closer picture of the light? I live in the US but take frequent trips to CA for work and it looks like it would be great for a beach house

amytibbetts at

Rachel said...

Your floors look amazing. I can't wait to see them finished. I hope we get to see grad girl in her dress! I'm sure she looks beautiful. :)

Just Beachy said...

I'm not sure what it's called , I'll take another pic for you