Friday, March 2, 2012

uhaul , I cry, I buy two washing machines

 Well we made it through, barely. Moving is hard people!!! The day before our closing on both houses , the one we were living in and the one we are now in , we rented a Uhaul. We figured we would handle the boxes and hire a mover for the heavy hurt your back stuff. It all went quite well really . We had a 26 foot truck filled to the brim and waiting for moving day . That means in the end we had 2 26 foot trucks full plus many loads of trucks and my car , where did this stuff all come from ??
The next day the movers came , my in-laws came down and some of our best friends took the day off to help...on a Wednesday , too nice ... my in laws made sure we were all fed for two days and helped so much , I am forever grateful, we really couldn't have done it without all of their help.

Well we have had the most mild winter ever this winter!!! with the exception being on Wednesday February 29th, when it snowed like a blizzard and then there was the freezing rain. Come on , I felt so bad , even one of the movers fell down the ramp of his truck . I really don't do well with having people help me, I have major guilt issues. Even when I had my babies I did not want help, I like to be in control , if I feel out of control I feel panicked.
We finally got the call at 3:30pm that the keys were ours to pick up , thankfully we were allowed to load things into the garage while we were waiting, and the movers waited too , love paying movers to wait. You can really use two of you the day you move ...I wanted to be at the old house cleaning , making sure all was done , that everything was my kind of clean and tidy , that things weren't left behind...this is just the way a control freaks mind works. I needed to be at the new house coordinating the move in , I felt so torn.
I was planning on cleaning , and taking some pretty pictures of the house empty , I thought it would look really pretty , the trim shining all on its own, but it was a mad scramble to get us out and to get the new anxious owners in . I can blame them at all , we wanted into our house and they wanted into theirs.
So I ran in gathered up some much needed paint and supplies that had been left behind and and snapped a couple of quick snaps of the old girl, my third child as it seemed at times, needing so much of my attention.

And as I walked to my car I turned for one last good bye and it hit me , its not my home any more and I was filled with sadness, then came that choked up feeling and tears , I was a little heart broken. But the reality set back in when my purse was locked in my car and my keys were lost for about an hour(totally my fault) and that was when my little breakdowns occurred . Hey sometimes a bitch snaps , OKAY.
 Hormones ,cold wet weather , mixed with pressure to evacuate and not feeling at all in control was a little to much and it was hard to control my emotions.
 But things are better now two days later settling in , getting things unpacked one box at a time.

I love this photo , the house looked so pretty just as I had thought it would. 
In fact I had to go back to the house to pick up the dog food and some supplies that had been left behind...see the control freak in me says , "see, I should have been able to do my thang" but I can't be in two places at once now can I ? It was so strange to ring my door bell and see people moving into my house ... odd just odd , I am so happy that such a nice couple in now living there with their two dogs , I wish them all the best . 
 My sister in law Janice and my Mom brought us tulips and orchids , that is such a nice touch , its like instant happiness, simple and pure.
 The oak stairs I had actually never really seen until Thursday morning as the were covered in a very thick protective paper and wood , I think they look so nice and clean  but I can't wait to get them pretty with paint and stain. But the dust and grime is insane right now and it would be a losing battle.Need to wait till the floors are in??? whenever that will be. I need to unpack the boxes and feel established .
You should see my sub floor kitchen and hall , pretty. My MIL gave me great advice telling me we should just get the standard carpet installed for our move in , brilliant .
 We don't have the TV large enough for my husbands liking to install over the fireplace so I leaned up this art piece I gave my husband for his birthday last month. I looks pretty nice to me especially with the orchid.
 We did get that four poster black bed and king mattress , it is so pretty/handsome, and it was easy enough for me to assemble. We obviously need to find some proper sized bedding, these things take time.
Blinds, I have meant to install the blinds for two days now , but instead I taped up paper from packing , its ok, right???
 We got our new fridge , a 27 cubic foot GE Cafe , its amazing, it fits the wall perfectly. We had a GE profile and it pales in comparison. The poor appliance movers working for Sears had a really tough time moving it. They said "this is a fridge !!" since it is all stainless steel it is unusually heavy and it so rarely sold apparently that they had never moved on before , and they aren't looking forward to moving one ever again . The did a great job and were so nice .

Oh I almost forgot to tell you a little part of our story , well Monday night my husband was doing some laundry , and I was planning to clean lots before we moved since we would be without a machine for a few days . Well he didn't mention but the load he did leaked , badly . But sometimes "some people" use too much detergent or over fill a load and this can happen . But I did the next load , and it was bad , really bad , good thing the laundry was in the basement next to a drain ...
Can you believe 24 hours before we are to move and leave behind the washer , not a great washer but a fine working one , that is until Monday. So we were in a mad dash to find a functioning equivalent washer , tried Craigslist with no luck , no one would answer my inquiry that were near by , so we ended up getting a scratch and dent brand new washer , dang it !but they took away the old one too so it was a good call in a crunch.
We had to laugh about it , really what are you going to do , thankfully we were in the position to be able to do that , and they are more than compensated for certain ...funny story huh?
 Slowly but surely I will get this place unpacked. Our new/old breakfast table is working out perfectly for the kitchen , it is quite nice to have a proper table in the kitchen. But I miss a really functional island, our is a pebble as Sarah Richardson would call it .

Its quite funny I would have thought I would have have the lights all changed by now and had ordered the wood for the floors also , maybe I'm just getting old. I'm tired and still unpacking , trying to get this house fully functional , you know with TV's , Internet , appliances, toilet paper holders , hooks , I'm not any where near making this house pretty yet. I haven't even seen my dining room yet. I will have to take some better pictures tomorrow , it's quite humorous. We did get a moderately fancy washer and dryer today, very excited to have a main floor laundry , its already been great for the dogs.
It has been so confusing for them , not knowing where they are going . They were using the house as an out house , nice and over all stressed , not eating. But today they slept like little lumps and started eating again too , I think we are all going to love it here , this house is great , really great.

Our weekend plans are to remove one cabinet from the kitchen and move it into the laundry room above the washer dryer and then install the washer and dryer.
Organize the mess in the garage which means we need to put up some serious shelving , oh in the basement too .
Try to create a very basic work out zone in the basement.
Install blinds in the bedrooms, 10 windows.
Make sure everyone has a shower curtain.
Hopefully install some lights , maybe in the hall and master bath at least.
Unpack and clear pathways .
We have forever ... no rush, its baby steps for now , I am just doing what I can, and I am so grateful I have the luxury of time on my side.
See you soon , thanks for stopping by , Chris

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