Monday, March 19, 2012

Show and tell time

 I was just minding my business at Home Depot the other day when I came across the most perfect brackets for our open shelving in the kitchen , aren't they gorgeous and so substantial and simple. I am only trying them out here with this Ikea shelf . This is NOT the finished look, I am just testing the scale.
Our plan for the window wall is to install horizontal planks.
 I have been so busy installing blinds all over the house , I am hoping this task will be over soon. Boy oh boy does this room ever need help, three mismatched chairs , strange . A sad ready to be replaced sofa and a blue coffee table that badly needs a will all wait for now. The dogs don't seem to mind.
 As you may see I let my husband choose the size of the television in our family room, we installed it ourselves. I am so glad we went ahead and had our builder , our wonderful builder Tribute Communities, install the conduit for the HDMI cable , the installation was mostly painless. And although the TV is not subtle it does fit the space and it is our family room, we will enjoy movie time very soon.
 I got to choose the most beautiful Kelly chairs from the Elte outlet , they were an amazing deal at $99.00 , I could show you some " build yourself " chairs for much more. These are so beautiful , and the service at Elte was amazing. They bubble wrapped the chairs and loaded them into my car, I am so used to lugging purchases myself so this was a lovely treat. We went with 5 because things just look better in 3,5 and 7 right , and because when we have a guest , which is often we will be ready . These are burnt light oak , but they also had aged oak , black and white to choose from, beautiful.
Now to refinish the breakfast table I bought second hand for $40.00.
 Here is how our side/back yard is looking currently , like a mud pit. The birds like it , they bathe in those puddles actually.
Picture with me now , lush grass , trees , maybe even a in-ground hot tub back there behind the garage , a hidden oasis , can you see it ? We are going to have to plant lots of trees to block that awful back fence, but these things come with time.
 We are in a holding pattern. On Wednesday we can install the flooring , but I think it will wait until the weekend when my husband can work with me. You will notice the cabinets wait to be painted , the island is still sad and little , and the counters well they can not be installed until the floors are completed. So much to do , but already so much we love, this is a great house.
 I have these two helpful project just waiting to give me a helping hand. Oh I love liquid sandpaper , found it at Lowe's.
 While out picking up my beautiful Kelly chairs I went on a search for our counter slab with Sophie, New Age is in Concord and had a huge selection of Bianco Carrara, it was so easy to choose this slab . I think this will go very far , doing our kitchen counters , hopefully our fireplace hearth and our tub deck.

So that is my little show and tell , this is such a fun time , building this home. We are all so happy here and life is good. And the weather is gorgeous too , how could March be better.

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