Monday, March 12, 2012

Settling in

 Great news we got our wood for the kitchen family room and hall last Wednesday. It needs to sit for two weeks in the house before we can install it. That also means no painting , that would be adding moisture and we are trying to dry out the wood and stabilize it for install, right.
This place is a mess, its cluttered with tools , supplies and mostly its dusty. I guess this is what its like with renovations going on .
I am working on the newel post beefing up the simple square style flat cap post I chose, I will be sure to take photos. The stairs can not be finished until the dust settles , it would be a nightmare to try and do a good job with so much dust flying around.
So for now we wait to install the wood floors, finish the wood floors and then install the brick floors. Then I can move on to the painting of the cabinets , building onto the island , then the new sink and counters, then the stairs can begin.
We went to look at slabs , that was very exciting , we did not find the the right slab yet but we will.

 I have installed all of the lights that I had purchased before our move, even the second smaller matching greenhouse lantern I made. I am getting really quick at lighting installations.
 My hubby ordered two new bottle openers for us, we need a bottle opener of course , once you've had one like this , you can not go back. We had one in the old house but we left it behind. It is a great gadget to have. I saw the polished chrome one and new it was perfect for my new fancy kitchen , the one that is still only in my head. The Texas opener will be for our outside space or maybe for the garage.
 Speaking of the garage we finally tackled the mess that took over on our crazy moving day, we put up shelves and organized enough so that I can now work in the garage and build things and  paint things. I can't wait to get out there and get things started, especially now that the weather is warming up. But I have the kids home this week for March break AKA spring break so they will surely slow down progress, today we went with my Mom to the zoo , that was a fun time , I really enjoy the animals.

Things I hope to accomplish this week are:
 ~ install blinds in the living room and bathrooms, I just got the call my custom blinds are in and ready for pick up, I hope they are right!!!
~ make a custom upholstered headboard for Sophie
~ order box spring for Sophie
~ try to organize the basement a little better than it is ( maybe not , probably not)
~ finish building up the newel post
~ install curtain rod and drapes in the family room on the garden sliding doors
~ work on tub deck and wall surrounding ( I tried the new tub and I may become a bath loving person after all.)

I will try to do what I can , but I'm tired already.

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