Friday, March 23, 2012

Pine flooring installations are beginning tomorrow

Tomorrow and over the weekend we will try to complete the kitchen flooring as well as the hall to the laundry room and basement and the powder room.
Do you wonder why I am sharing this photo of this gorgeous floor above ? Well to my sheer shock my husband is game to install our flooring in the family room in this same manner. Why not do something fabulous with the install? We are going for it .
I am so excited and a little bit nervous to start the flooring install tomorrow morning. After patiently waiting 2.5 weeks for the wood to acclimate and mostly waiting for my husband to be available to help with this project. We normally do not work on DIY projects together so wish us luck , I hope by the end we will still be speaking...
I was able to finally track down a flooring nailer that wasn't over $500, I had to drive quite a distance to track it down , but it provided me some quality time with Sophie. This is a King Canada nailer , I have one other King Canada tool that I am happy with so I have hopes this nailer will be just fine. And was only $199.00 I believe it is normally $299.00.

 Yesterday I thought that it was the day our dishwasher was arriving so I turned my attention to Mason's room , cleaning it, organizing it . It feels so much better now . It needs paint and a light fixture still but I feel so much better about it now. Sorry about the dark bad photo...
Oh I was wrong about the dishwasher being delivered , today is dishwasher day, AND it is marble measuring day...
Well wish us luck , I will make sure to take lots of photos.

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