Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sophie's upholstered headboard

 I was able to start and complete a whole project at this house this week. See I seem to be able to start projects but other things just have to wait , until the floor is installed, oh those floors, three more days until they can be installed but truth be told it may have to wait a week , dealing with 16 foot long boards may just be a two person job.
Back to my headboard project, I used the super cheap OSB or chipboard plywood , had my Home Depot associate cut down the sheet to the width I needed which was 56" for the double bed. I had it cut down in height to 42", this fit perfectly into the back of my car, after I took it back in to have it trimmed down to the 42" from 48". It turned out to be the perfect height after all.
So I took it home and use my paper template that I made for a headboard I made way back when, I know I should insert the old post link but I'm so busy and a little too lazy to do that right now, apologies.
I used the jig saw to cut the oh so curvy stylish corners. Ok here it is.
Off Sophie and I went to choose the fabric and to pick up the foam and batting.
OK here is the thing about foam , it is pricey , but you must have foam I think . To cover this headboard with upholstery grade 2" foam would be $70.99 , that is a bit much for me. So here is what I did , I went to Canadian tire and went to the camping section and found this foam,   , it is perfect. I used the 24" wide version. My good friend has used this same foam for her headboard so I knew it was right. Then off to the fabric store for batting and fabric. Sophie chose this white fabric , I think it will look so pretty with the light lilac shade she has selected for her walls. For the nails I learned the hard way that nail strips work way way better than individual nails , I picked those up here,41306,41324&ap=1 I used the simple chrome.
So quick and easy.
We then went out and got a great cheap box spring from our favorite bed store , Sleep Factory and after getting a bed skirt we had a completely lovely bed for Sophie. The accent pillow with the butterfly we picked up at Homesense.
The bedding is from Ikea and cost $14.99, it is a duvet cover set.
Now if we could find a chandelier be-fitting this bedroom we would be so happy. But for now I celebrate the completed bed.

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