Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Main floor tour

 I have been very busy trying to get through the sea of boxes and getting us settled in the new house. Can I just first say we really love the house , its a great house . The rooms the flow and the light is truly amazing , it has been easy to settle in and make ourselves at home.
I think it is time for a little tour . So I will share with you the main floor as it is today . Remember it is a work in progress.
This is the main hall and the view from the front door. My favourite bench is right at home where I had hoped. We were going to go with star lights in this hall but the hall is too big and the lights too small so the green house lights I made are it , and I love them , so bold , well there is only one but one more will be installed soon.
 To the right of the front door is the living room , the only room with a TV downstairs for now . It needs a new sofa and chairs.

 To the left of the front door is the dining room , well it will be eventually , the stove sits in here for now and two dressers and a pie safe cabinet, I have no idea where those will go ?? We will get a large round table and I think white slipcovered chairs .
Love those paper blinds right. Lots of work to still be done.
 The entry into the kitchen from the living room.
 We are really loving the breakfast area, the table needs a major makeover , it was second hand $40, I love the simple base. The island will get a major overhaul , it will be 25" longer and will get a new dark wood counter that I will router the edges of and it will have an overhang for stools.Need the weather to warm up for that kind progress to take place.

 No stove in sight for at least 4-6 weeks , not until I get the floors in , they are hopefully being ordered today  , and the painting of the cabinets and all the cabinet finish work. I think I will add a wine storage cabinet to the far left of the uppers to balance out the bulkhead. I can't wait to get things started , but it will be easiest to wait until it is milder and until I can see some of my garage.
 The beautiful subfloor that we are living with , its so dirty.

 The family room , beautiful morning light.
 And back to the front door.
 I love the main floor extra tall doors , we need to decide on door hardware. But that is something for another day.
 The very boring powder room, it needs a lot of work , new sink , floors , light , color.
 One of my favourite rooms , the main floor laundry. So far we installed the cabinet over the washer and dryer , luckily a quick and easy job. It needs paint , gray, or white ??? I re-used the skirt from our old powder room on the laundry sink. I am so in love with the school house fixture in antique brass.
And I can't say enough about this walk-in front hall closet , this just makes sense.

Well there you have it , that completes the main floor tour...I am off into the land of many projects, bye for now, thanks for stopping by , see you soon for the Up stairs tour.

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