Wednesday, March 7, 2012

House tour part deux, upstairs

 Heading upstairs now.
 This the hall to the girls bedrooms. I installed the moravian stars up here , they are so lovely. I got these from Re-store , but they are Hampton Bay from Home Depot and retail for $149.00 but go on sale 40% off every now and again. Soon we will have dark 6" pine floors here and a finished railing. Eventually the door hardware will be changed and the sliders will be changed to matching doors as well.
 Sophie still needs a bed , I do believe we have decided I am making her a headboard an upholstered headboard. I should do that soon . The ivory canvas roman shades from Sears Canada turned out to be a great choice. They went up in about 5 minutes what a bonus.
 This is Sophie en suite bath . She has decided the cabinets painted white will work with her plans for a purple bathroom. We have chosen Tempset by Martha Stewart , it is a smokey purple. She still would like a marble counter top , maybe someday??? far far off. I also plan on framing the large mirror. I installed a vanity light I found at the Restore. Painting is not even on my short list .

 Here we have Mason's bedroom , it's a big room and still full of boxes, teenagers! We need to figure out a nice light . She wants black white and blue in this room. I gave her our old bed , it fits the room perfectly and I just love this bed and I know she likes it too.

 Here is her vanity area of her bathroom , is is a little messy , it will get worse. It's funny Sophie is so tidy and Mason well Mason is not tidy especially not in the bathroom, I've tried. The light is from Home Depot , not my favourite but it gives great light and that is what every girl needs right?
 Heading out of the girls bedrooms. This is such a pretty light , I love the light it casts.
 Todd's official office. He deserves a real room after making due in an unfinished basement for way too long. I'm so glad he has his own space. The comfy chair I bought him years ago paired with the old antiqued pine top of the old island and ikea saw horse legs, we like the direction. I also installed the same school house antique brass fixture here. I see a lot of custom built in shelving for this room , in the future.

 I love how the master bath turned out. I am so glad I went with the painted cabinets . The faux soapstone I am not so thrilled with , it marks with water terrible. Oh well. We are loving the separate shower with seamless glass, I just installed a rain shower head . I am very happy with the Martha Steward vanity lights I installed, they are perfection and make me so happy, Home Depot. They give is lots and lots of light, I am so glad I went with one over each sink instead of the standard one center light.

 The tub is another story , it isn't quite done. I saved a lot of money having it unfinished, I can install a nice marble tub deck and tile wall surrounding the window for much less than the upgrade would have been and it will be a fun project. I haven't totally decided on the finish of the tub apron , I am thinking cararra in some form.
Blinds are supposed to come next week, fingers crossed.
 And here is the master , with our new much loved king bed , it was a great decision for us , we are sleeping like babies. Next I am looking for drapery rods and simple Ritva off white linen look drapes from Ikea.

 We are enjoying every minute of all the extra space we are lucky to have. This mirror sure needs a lot of moulding treatment , in time.

 Well there you have it , the completed tour of our not completed house.
The pine flooring was delivered today , it needs to sit for two weeks before we can start the install. This is a sample of the flooring we are installing . Brick veneer in english pub, and kona oil stained pine floors , I can not wait for those two projects to be completed so I can move forward with all the other fun.

Thanks for all the comment , and thanks for stopping by.

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