Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Range hood

I have had a few requests on sharing the directions for making this range hood. I really can't do that , because it is too hard to explain, I had no directions to follow ,I as usual just wing it.
Here is what I started out with , standard hood with flat cupboards above.

Here is a good side view of the triangular piece I added to build out the doors , as well the lower portion that I built and then attached to the side of the cupboards.
See not rocket science , but it works just fine, I am one for using what is on hand before buying materials.

The compact and very strong fan.
Filler piece and bracing piece. It really is a box construction.
Sorry I can not be more helpful, it was pretty easy to do .

18 comments: said...

chris you are just so inventive. no one is going to tell you no.
which brings me to my question.
you know my buffet i bought to use as the vanity in my bathroom... (
my husband and my contractor are telling me that it cannot hold 2 sinks because it will cut into the frame of the piece...because it has (kind of) 3 parts. i think they are full of it. it doesn't take out the frame...just cuts a little into the very top part of the middle frame. and the countertop will be on top to hold it together and the sink will be in place too??
what do you think?
i hate being told that my ideas won't work...and i am guessing you are similar. because when i get an idea in my mind i can almost always get it to work. judging from all your building and tiling and cutting i think you get what i am saying. :)
one sink is fine but i just wonder what to think.

SweDaisy said...

Hello Chris,
It's been a while since I left you a little message. My world's been a little crazy lately, but I'm back now. So much has happened, I also visited the Debbie Travis models in my area and took lots of pictures too. She's so inspiring. I have also been thinking about decorating the outside and hope this summer I will be able to lay a stamped concreate deck and build a wodden pergola above for shade. Nice new do to.

Take care,

Jerusalem said...

ohhh I love that! brilliant! we are going to remodel the kitchen some day and I am using this idea for sure!

Meg said...

Love it!!

Anonymous said...

WOW - simple with a HUGE impact look! Love it! great way to cover the standard range/hood!

one question - how do the doors stay closed (instead of falling inward) since you built them out? do you have a center piece? just curious...
might have to do this someday!

ps: love the debbie travis laundry rooms too!!!

Anonymous said...

That looks fantastic. So you just covered the standard stove vent with a box structure and built out the doors above it by putting in a triangle wedge of wood - very inspiring. I will have to show dh.


Anonymous said...

So I just went back and looked at the photos and I was wondering if you put beadboard along your bulkhead to dress it up. You've done something creative up there and it looks great.


chriskauf said...

the stove vent is a small one just for a decorative treament as such, I tried to cover the one I had but could not do that .
The doors stay closed because the top part hits the frams , as well I put a filler piece at the bottom for that reason , but no center piece.
Meg, I imagine there is a way to get those two sinks, my huge cast iron sink , very heavy , needed all the side supports to be cut away to make room for the width of the sink , so if you use marble I am sure you can put two sinks in , if you need to put supports under at the top of the piece that should do that trick. Totally doable it just needs someone to look at it from the perspective you are coming from , you want it they don't care so much.

Jill -Forever and Ever House said...


Mrs. Limestone said...

What a fab job of repurposing what you have.

Totally unrelated but is there any chance you bought that stool (the one on the end with the curved metal back) at any place that sells them to us much less stylish Americans? I love it!!

Liz said...

My goodness. When I think of what you could probably do with my house! Fantastic as usual Chris.

chriskauf said...

Mrs. limestone ,
That stool is from an outdoor antique market, but I have seen tons of them around.I like it but it sits in our basement unused because of the metal feet , I tried pads but they wouldn't stay on to protect the floors.It is for my husband future studio.

jenny said...

Jenny here from Illinois, been thinking about you all winter long while we got a great use of the epi pen muff - my computer crashed weeks ago and I lost everything - that includes your contact info and blog i went back to where I found you the first time.... and here i am. glad to be back and cannot wait to see what the updates are around here. said...

hey...where are you? :)
hope you are feeling okay.
just checking up on ya.

Anonymous said...

hope everything is ok there? missing your updates!!

Lanny said...

Hi,I just discovered your blog and I love it!!!! I added you to my fav's
come visit.


Bella said...

I love what you did with your soffits over the cupboads, with the bead board. Do you have a blog about that project? Thanks! Just found you today from Joy :)

Vanessa said...

I know this is years old, but I was just sitting here wondering if this was possible, so I googled and found your range hood. Awesome job! Thanks for sharing!