Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Baking again

10:30 pm and here they are a couple of glasses of wine and lots of cuppies as I like to call them , blue with swedish berries , and extra's for the kiddies tomorrow as one of my borrowed children is having a birthday.Wow that frosting went fast , it was two and half sticks of butter's worth ,and lots of icing sugar , I could have made more , note to self make more, a whole pound of butter tomorrow.
Here is my new do , I had about 6 inches chopped off, and it feels good, a bit short but that will change, I am happy to say I have lost 8 pounds so far with lots of hard work , but still much to go, cheer me on now, losing weight doesn't come easy anymore.

I am excited to share with you a new trick I have , tomorrow is a dance a thon that I will be helping out at , and of course I bake for these , for the new Peanut Free table , that is a new idea , wonderful, I found a tip a filling tip, look at this filled cupcake, I used instant pudding mix with a little over 1 cup of milk to get a nice thickness for this and for layer cakes as well this works wonders, from my old cake business days.
So easy , what a nice surprise.

On tonight's menu we have vanilla -vanilla filled cupcakes with blue icing and Swedish berries , the kids will love them.

There is dance a thon part two on Friday and on the menu , inspired by Martha's show last week, it will be smore's chocolate cupcakes with gram cracker crust and marshmallows on top .MMMMMMMMMMM............

Sure am feeling grateful for the kitchen-aid right about no.

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