Sunday, April 6, 2008

Cabana , bunkie, lounge ??

What ever you call it , I want one, a small house in my petite backyard , with a couple of daybeds, great accessories, candles, and charm , a place to hang out in during the warmer months, which are few and very far between, but oh so loved. A place for fun sleep overs, wouldn't the kids love that . I love this one full of windows, but it is probably impractical, as it will store furniture during the winter months.

I love this rustic one , with the flip doors for shade very unique. Ours will probably resemble this one because it is so simple and I will be building it , so no complicated roofs for me. The shingles will be cedar, the siding wood and creamy , nice lanterns, black, for late night lighting.
This is so large and glamorous , gorgeous with the curtains.

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