Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Where have I been???

So sorry to leave for so long with out any word, I have fallen off my wagon, my blogging wagon. There was a time when this shelf could barely hold a few items, however after reinstalling it and adding the brackets it has become a fun place to play with accessories. This is my newest arrangement.
I decided to repaint this cupboard in my kitchen it had just been green on the bead board so I bumped it up a bit , with this lovely blue.

I have been struggling with this path way that leads right from the sidewalk to the front door , I had a couple of steps that always shifted after a hard winter, so here is my newest try, pea gravel, I wanted a casual beachy look, yes I will have to put stray rocks back in their place but it looks so much better , and the little ones can easy maneuver it .
This is where my living room stays, in flux, I have done all that I can , I have tracked down a capable painter to finish this job , as I can not bear the thought of climbing my 20 ft ladder that I despise to risk death to finish this job , I have never hired a painter but I will gladly pay to make this issue go away , as well I need to find a good painter to work with after I start my business.
I sprayed this table to match the other black table , it was just looking so drab , now it has a nice fresh finish , I used latex spray paint , how nice and easy.

Sorry I have become a complete slacker , I haven't done anything on my own to share with you , but I am up to a few things and I will share them soon.

The weather has been amazing here , hot , really great, so I have been tending to some outdoor maintenance, and updating, ripping out some plants , cleaning things up , I have some changes planned for the near future, and I will share them for sure, I have my husband picking me up some interesting components today and I am excited to try something new very soon. I rather feel under the gun , as we have some seldom seen family coming to stay and I want things just right for their arrival.

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