Thursday, April 24, 2008

Swinging door

I have filled in the whole frame now, wow that was a painful experience, but worth the blisters, I love it , and even Todd loves it , ok he probably wouldn't say love but the fact that he was hesitant and likes it makes me happy.

I have pondered about a dutch door , couldn't figure out how to make that work, so I gave up , I have thought of a glass door, but it was altogether pricey which held me back, until a few days ago I found this promotional door at Home Depot , a solid wood door with pretty panels , and I sources the hinges in black, because my other option was bright brass , can't go there. I asked my husband who works in the city to come back with these hinges , and he did, $9.00.

Here is the door , good thing I don't care about my nails , because I bent one back trying to lift this beast into the truck , there are always at least two men around when I do things like this who just watch me waiting to see me motion for help, but I never do. I can do it. It ended up beinga mere$59.00 compaired to the $132.00 price tag of the glass door which I still love , I am very happy with my choice. Come back soo to see it hung and painted , now deep grey or white paint?
And where I will put this swinging door , entering into my kitchen family room, why well I never imagined needing to close off this area, however our kitchen has the computer and our lovely daughters love to sing together , and play youtube video's over and over, while we try and watch tv in the front room, this open plan makes this difficult, as well for late night R rated movie watching I always worry the kids will come down for something and view a terrifying scene unknowingly to us , so a swinging door would surely allow us to avoid those situations.

I am sure most of the time it will remain open but it will be nice to have , and will be an added detail, another detail to make our house different from all the rest , I love it when people come over like yesterday , a woman who has the same house and saw all of the details I came up with for this house , she laughed and said she could hire me to do her house in the same manor. She had wondered how her kitchen would look with a big island , well mine has it , she asked if the builder made it for us, what a compliment, as well she thought of putting in a window seat and I could show her how it would really look because I did one here. Maybe I will get jobs just from holding an open house on my work when the time comes.

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