Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Naughty puppy

This is my naughty puppy, that is black spring mud on his chin down his chest and deep into his paws, I was wondering where he was ? oh there you are puppy in the melting sewage backyard digging up a mess ( our backyard is 60% mud and 40% grass because winters and dogs are hard on grass), we try our best but lets face it there are poops out there that have been hiding under numerous snow falls, am I convincing you out of buying a family dog yet? winter and dogs don't mix. Hence why we have concrete plans to build a big deck and a dog potty area with rinseable AstroTurf , that's right you put lots of stone beneath and poke holes in the fake grass easy to scoop the poop and rinse the pee.
Here is the little devil after a impromptu bath . He drives me crazy , but he is like a little teddy bear , and is always so happy to see me, the sight of my and my family brings him pure joy.
For all you Canadian readers I wanted to show you the best deal in town, let's face it laundry can get messy , well at $14.00 this folding station( which I thought was much smaller what a nice suprise) is a welcome addition to the laundry dungeon I have , I can fold organize and even leave things for others to complete , hint hint ! I think this would be also helpful in my walk in closet to hold clothes and laundry , you too might be able to find one one if you hurry out to the nearest Superstore.

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