Friday, April 4, 2008

Spring cleaning run a muck

Look at all this Martha Stewart paper, blue and gold wood grain , pink velum, and pink tissue, each roll a mere $1.50 , compared to the original price of $12.00 a roll. yippee I love this kind of thing.
I washed my dining room drapes and I have unearthed my "dirty little secret" I have no where to put my vacuum's really with the exception of my basement and I vacuum a lot and that wouldn't work for me to have to lug them up and down, so I hide them behind my dining room drapes ,you would never know they are there, I know it's such small living trick, but it is working , until I buy the much needed storage cabinet for our upstairs landing.
Here is what happens when spring cleaning goes wrong, I washed my drapes , for the first time, followed the directions dried them hanging and fluffed them in the dryer to get rid of that awful stiff crunchy look, horror , they shrunk 3 inches , they are useless.
So I have a dilemma , either I add fabric to lengthen them , buy a new rod that has bigger rings and install it a bit lower, but I like them higher it raises the ceiling visually, or buy new drapes, but the color works and I like them ,so may a combo add the fabric at the bottom and new rod ?
How annoying though I just wanted to have them clean.....see what I get for going the extra mile.

This is a Silestone counter sample, it is grey amazon, I liked it because it looks like cement and even a tad like soapstone, you can see my current selection is faux granite laminate, yuck, it's ok at best , but I would love to have a nice clean look for our counters, I do a lot of baking and this would provide a smooth and cold surface great for rolling out dough . Just thinking here , I am not sold yet. Carrera marble would be nice too , I wonder what the cost would be.

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