Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Cheap trick

I am not a big fan of track lighting , but have actually found myself loving the dark finished pottery barn track lighting , which is quite a splurge due to their high price points, well when I can get the look for much less that is what I will do. I found this light at Rona which recently opened up to compete with Home Depot , not gonna happen.... anyway this light was a steal at $60.00 I thought for my walk in closet , but we tried it in the tub shower area, where it brought new life to that area, and a jolt of light in the mornings.
Which means my bare bulb could be replaces with my former tub area light, it makes the closet sparkle.The closet needs a lot of work, we will have that done soon, a nice built in closet with lots of proper storage. I can't wait.
I moved these lanterns from the powder room to the family room I wanted the hit of black.Sometimes its just fun to switch things up.

Here is the final Halloween scape in the front room, love my crows.


restyled home said...

Love it all!! I especially love those little lanterns...and those shoes??!!! Who knew you had so many great pairs??!! My Sophie would love to try them on!!


Stephanie said...

How funny that you posted about those track lights! I just noticed them in my PB catalog about a week ago. I
asked myself, "How come I haven't noticed those before and where can I put them?" Of course I saw them at Lowe's the next day much cheaper! I don't really have a spot for them but I really like them.
Are you going to do the closet yourself?
P.S.- you have some great shoes!

Aimee said...

I really love those lanterns in your family room! I've been looking for something like that for my room. Hopefully I'll come across something similar. And the sparkly light looks great in your closet!

onelittlemustardseed said...

Love the shoes too! Your Halloween scene is beautiful!

Michelle said...

The lighting is all wonderful. I especially love the piece you put in your closet! Lovely!