Sunday, November 3, 2013

Pinterest recipes round up tested and approved

After a success day yesterday in the kitchen preparing a meal for some friends I decided to share with you some of the great recipes from my board  Food Ideas on Pinterest. All of these recipes I have personally used and tried successfully. I really need to get around to trying some more of the hundreds of recipes I have pinned. I made this first recipe yesterday and the creme brulee for dessert. Although it took 6 hours to complete this meal it was the raving I have ever gotten for a meal and I WILL make it all again. 
I hope you like this post and give some of these recipes a try. What Pinterest recipes do you love or what food boards would you recommend following?

Julia Child's Beef Bourginion                  

So I made this yesterday for a little dinner party, my first Julia Child recipe. I used the actual book but this pin is useful, it took 6 hours , 3 hours of actual prep and work time and three hours of cooking , but it is so worth is, our guests loved it. I ate too much but all that work that went into it could I not. 

 Chimichirri sauce
I had Chimichurri sauce in Aruba while watching the most beautiful beach sunset and it was a spiritual moment for me, I needed to eat chimichurri again but at home , it is scrumptious but not as earth moving at home. It is amazing as a condiment for beef or any meat great with souvlaki , use it in tacos, it is fresh and delish, I have to add a good amount of cilantro , acutally I mixed the two chimichurri recipes I am featuring here to come up with the best result.
This baked ravioli easy recipe it's great for a crowd, I made this for Christmas eve gathering.

Apple cinnamon chimichangas       this is amazingly delicious and is a little time consuming as far as the frying goes but it is so worth it , the presentation is impressive.                      
healthy Chorizo mexican soup this is my recipe so of course I like it , it is a really good soup hearty healthy and a treat for the taste buds.
Slow cooker salsa chicken this is easy crock pot cooking , warm comfort food.

 Baked avocado I have lost track of how many times I have made these , so fresh and good baked avocados are really a treat and worth a try. Use fresh parm.

Cucumber Shrimp Appetizers

this recipe is so good and huge favorite with crowds , they have a little sweetness with the pine apple and are low low cal.
 Bake your bacon great tip to cook bacon no splatters.
Garlic cheddar buscuits these taste just like Red Lobster buscuits.
 Lemon cookies soft and chewy cookies fresh lemon taste couldn't be an easier cookie out there.

Olive cheese bread my pickiest daughter loved this bread I need to make it again soon.
Bite-sized Baked Brie easy puff pastry recipe , I found it hard to make them small enough , if you like brie you'll love these.
Napolean An impressive dessert, I impressed my self making this, it is divine.
 caprese bites nice appetizer my tip is to sprinkle with kosher salt to bring out the flavour.
No flour peanut butter cookies loved these , I used WOW butter which is a soy nut butter spread because my daugher is allergic to peanut butter wow tastes just like peanut butter minus the powdered sugar...did you know the second ingredient in most peanut butters is icing sugar , I think that is obviously why so many kids love peanut butter.
 Creme brulee OK let's just take a second here to remain calm.... creme brulee if you have ever enjoyed this dessert you will have to make this , it is SO EASY to make I can't even believe it . It is a make a head recipe start by 11:00am the day of a gathering or earlier but it is easy and worth it, not too sweet creamy and lovely .  TRY IT
Warm Jalapeno Popper Spread this comes with a warning you will want to lick the bowl, I served this with tortillas chips , oh my this is a new staple dip. the second chimichurri recipe, try them both , freeze half, you need a food processor. You will love it .
Low carb crust this is a good recipe you really need to bake this thing, I don't know how often I would make it but it is a solid recipe.

Zesty Lime Shrimp and Avocado Salad

And last but not least at all I have made this twice this summer and it was a big hit so fresh, great side dish.

Happy cooking ....I am so hungry now , time for brunch. Here is my Pinterest board FOOD IDEAS   

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