Thursday, November 28, 2013

It's happening I'm starting a renovation for Christmas

 I have been planning on getting the floors and ceiling done in this family room for a while now and the time is right. I want it done for Christmas, so this Saturday we will be re-locating all the furniture and then ripping up the carpet after that my husband and I will be attaching the 2x4 framing for the coffers. I am hoping it will warm up some so that ripping MDF won't be complete torture.
 I will then go order the pine flooring and have it delivered, yeah delivery.
I am giving myself 21 days to get it all complete so that I can then get up our Christmas tree just in the nick of time , I will most likely put another tree up maybe in our master bedroom we have done that before and it is lovely to have a tree in the master.
I look forward to how much nicer the family room will be , I will be able to extend our dining table from the kitchen into the family room when the flooring is all the same, it will be perfect.
Coffered ceilings and more dark pine floors I am so excited , I may be laying the floors in a unique way also, why not?
Check in often for tiny updates , they may just be silent updates I warn you as I am going to be a very busy person come December it's a good thing almost all my Christmas shopping is done.

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