Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A duvet cover decision...finally

 I really need to get wood floors in this room but the main floor is my first priority. Still so much to do in this house, baby steps.
 I finally found a duvet cover worth buying. I have been looking for a duvet cover since we moved into this house and upgraded to a king sized bed. I did have a duvet cover a plain and simple grey duvet cover but I did want and have been looking for a duvet cover with some pizzazz. It took nearly two years to find it but now I just love it. It is great to add a little warmth with all the cold weather upon us. I found it at my new favorite store Target Canada. It is a Threshold product , how much do you love the Threshold stuff , it may become a problem I like it all so much. The duvet set I bought is called Suzani and it was on sale at $59 so it was a win win.
 I did not realize it had a second pattern on the inside , that side is a lovely sheet quality and the top pattern is a heavy fabric that looks and feels much like linen. I am thoroughly impressed with the quality. The dark gray sheet is from the PC collection from the Superstore our local grocery store. The orange pillow cases are also from Target so nice and soft , I love good basics.

 Maybe this will encourage me to finally choose a paint color for my walls. I think I am going to paint the walls the same color as the bathroom a barely sky glass blue , kinda grey blue it works well with blues and greys and even seafoam. Maybe the blue tables will become black, I am still deciding.
 My cousin and I and my great friend went to a taping of the Steven and Chris show last week, that is always a good fun time. Ok seriously my beautiful tall blonde cousin Sheri is pregnant with her fourth baby here , you can't even tell, look at those legs, ok don't compare them to mine, seriously stop looking... I didn't get those genes.....whine!!!! moving on.
Here is a whole lot of cuteness for you , isn't he cute resting his head on my knees hoping I will share my snack....he is so charming.

I was so excited the other day to pass the 1000 followers mark on Pinterest what a milestone. Follow me here 

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