Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Back so soon

Today was a long day trying to search out window coverings for the bedrooms. See I love bamboo blinds, they look great but they don't provide compete privacy. Since we are on a corner lot once again like in our first house we will need privacy. Both my daughters complained that bamboo blinds did not work into their design plans AT ALL... So I have been trying to figure out what would work for me , be private and make both my girls happy. I didn't want to waste money on paper moving blinds. My second choice would be simple roman blinds like in the above photo, who doesn't just adore this room, I do. 
I looked all day to find reasonably priced white or cream roman blinds. No one had the amount I am in need of ,which is 10 just for the bedrooms. I do not want custom blinds which can come in on a 27" x 60 " window at $200.00 a window, that's not even close. I was happy to find after a day on the road that Sears Canada was to my rescue, just what I was looking for for a small fraction of the cost . In two days I will pick up a bundle of blinds .This is making me quite relieved.
The nice thing I like about simple no valance roman's is that I can always add a decor fabric of my choice on top of the canvas cotton, easy and quickly I can have customized roman's. 
Now to go order the bathroom blinds , I am so glad Mason's bath has no windows at all however Sophie's has three, ugh!
The main floor will have the bamboo that we love where the need for total privacy is less of an issue. 

Like I mentioned yesterday we ordered a king sized mattress set , we currently have a queen , I hope we like it . We also decided on this contemporary 4 poster bed , we got another great deal. I was not sure about going with painted black finish instead of white but I really want to try some new things in the new house, why not?.

I am pretty sure they were getting our front door prepped today for painting because our PDI inspection is this Friday morning. Last I checked I think there is still some plumbing to do ...the house was a buzz today.

We are thinking this beautiful yellow might be the right touch for our front door come spring time.

I'm going to try to remain calm through the next week ,one week from now we should be settling into the new house , ahhh , should be a roller coaster ride as my PMS has just kicked in , of course beautiful timing right??? my poor family.

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