Monday, May 30, 2011

Weekend activities

I finally made my way to Christie's Antique fair on Sunday, my Mom came along with me to check out what they had to offer . I knew my husband would want this item , groovy .

If I had had a UHAUL truck I could have really had fun , I loved this horse head , but a little pricey at $850.00

How much do you want this chair ? , me too ...all the good stuff is pricey $225.00

My Mom and I met up with Jennifer from Rambling Renovators and Sarah from Cozy.cottage.cute
it was so nice to see Jennifer and Handyman and to meet Sarah too if only for a quick chat, gonna bring the family next time.

Here is my only find, and just what I was looking for , two pretty simple windows for my bunkie , $40 for the two , you can not beat that , they will be perfect .

On Saturday we headed out to a lovely park by Lake Ontario to walk with my family for Muscular Dystrophy, I was so proud my daughters both came along for the walk, our team Team Brad ( my brother) raised more than $800 and the walk raised over $23,000... what a great cause , my little brother was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy when he was 10 , he is doing great , he is very determined to keep walking which is a challenge obviously but he is beating the odds and knows his limitations , never take for granted the ability to be mobile .
After we had a nice BBQ and it was also my older brothers Birthday , I made Rodney's pulled pork , ok that was so yummy and easy give it a try , I served mine with calibres buns , sliced pickled and shredded cabbage , and extra BBQ sauce of course , it was so easy and tender .

I've been filling in the corner where the playhouse used to be to keep the dogs out of the muck really ,finding great grasses and I think all I need now is a serviceberry shrub or two and this spot will be complete , sadly the dogs are more fascinated than ever.

We have had a remarkable amount of rain lately and everything is lush and green , but we are due for some warmer dry weather and looks like it is going to start today , yeah!

I am going to enjoy as much time in the backyard as is possible ... next weekend the bunkie will have walls I hear , I am so looking forward to seeing that project move forward .

Have a great week , talk soon.

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