Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Laminate floor time.

I have been patiently waiting the 72 hours for the laminate to acclimatize and now I will tackle laying laminate for the first time. It is drop click , doesn't that sound easy?? the brand is Colorado by Goodfellow no glue laminate flooring, in apsen color , it is a deeply embossed laminate and it really looks like wood and has a 25 year warranty, amazing and it was only $1.50 sq foot I got it here in Ontario at Millwork.

There were so many projects around the house this weekend , Mason did this self portrait for art class , how cool is that ?? all those tiny little pieces.

And we completed this medieval castle , I had a lot of fun coming up with all the details , I found some extra slate tiles from our fireplace surround and attached it to the roof , might be a little over the top huh oh well there is only one 4th grade project right , its bigger than her , that is so funny.

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