Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Planning and pricing

Here is the final plan for the backyard , with a very wet environment and two dogs the lawn has been a significant challenge to say the least , wet muddy paws all 8 of them all day long have become such an aggravation , so our grand plan is to try and eliminate as much grass as possible I think this plan addresses this problem quite well , it think we can manage this amount of grass.
With the long weekend approaching and with no family cottage calling us to come I am hopeful we will be able to tackle the base of the shed at the very least .
I suppose we will plug away at this plan a little at a time , and eventually we will get this all done , one day!
I think I may have scored a free set of french doors for the shed , cross your fingers. I want to do this project for the very best price possible , how low can you go ?

I found these photos of Mason's nails on my camera , I love this design so springy and happy ...

I really need to work on my cuticles ...

I am going to be doing a magazine giveaway tomorrow so make sure you come back please.

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