Sunday, May 1, 2011

Cover , girl!

I have been too busy lately to do regular blog posts , sorry I don't have a whole lot to share on the home front , still keeping busy working part time out of the house and doing custom projects here a there as I can fit in , which is harder than I had imagined it would be and making time to work on my self , down 34 lbs now and nearing my goal of 40 lbs.
What I do have to share is that I made the cover , ok well I didn't make the cover but my home did ...what a thrill , it is late getting into my hands sadly , I have been searching and finally found the Woman's Day Special Publication Easy Decorating issue which is on news stands now . I am sure I looked the fool grinning from ear to ear when I realized it was my family room I was looking at on the cover of a magazine on the stands at Wal-Mart exciting .

The article is pretty much the same as the Woman's day mag article but with more photos , of the living room which is my favorite shot and the landing as well as the master bathroom.

Even our pooch Dolce made it into the mag in the first shot of the post, funny huh!

Any way I will leave you with my wonderful exciting news and get back to reality , I've got to go get ready for a party at my girl friends house , should be a fun relaxing afternoon .

Coming soon , the nail room floor is going in this week and I am so excited to show you all that and I will promise I will tell all that asked where I got it and who makes it too.

Have a Happy Sunday

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