Wednesday, May 11, 2011

They grow up so fast

Everyone knows children grow up practically before our eyes , and luckily I will tell you I love having big kids , not just because I can have a life again , but because they are really fun and funny to have around , most of the time. How can I have a daughter this big ? it really makes me shake my head , so glad I had them young, I had Mason when I was 25 , what a good decision for me that was , I have a friend who just had her third baby , I am in awe of that , I don't think I could start all over , but I could enjoy a baby for an afternoon or so and that would be fun.
This morning I sent Mason off on a school camp trip in cottage country , I know she will have so much fun , she was ready to go well before 6:00 am , eager to get going.

Getting photos of the girls is such a challenge lately , especially of Sophie I usually get the hand , she can't hide behind this window ....silly girl , got ya!

Look at this , Dolce begging to go with Mason sweet is that , how do they know ?.... he is going to miss his sleeping buddy.

Moe too pulled at the heart strings trying to come along , he tried his best to sneak out the front door , he must think we were going to Grandma's.

Good luck teachers , you couldn't pay me to ride on a bus for three hours with 40 or so 13 year olds .

Safe journey kids!!!!

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