Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bunkie , bricks and bahemoth

Well I hope everyone had a nice long weekend , we had some good weather some rainy weather , everything is filling in nicely in the garden , I still need to add some more to my window box but I was busy doing things other than gardening ...like building the bunkie base , yes I was able to convince my husband that Sunday was the day to get things started .

So here it is the start of our exciting new project here at home , a glorified shed if you will , it will be the perfect addition to the house , for now its a dance floor , next framing the walls and roof , finding reclaimed windows and doors , cottage pine floors , some kind of siding , the list will go on , it will hopefully evolve of the coming months.

I love these forget me nots , they came over from the neighbors behinds , I love free plants , we seemed to have gained a nice fern this year too .

I picked up a couple of galvanized deck candle holders on clearance.

Can you picture a great looking shed here , we can not wait to see it all finished , it is a little hard to imagine right now , so excited I have wanted this since we moved here , our backyard will someday be our own personal getaway.

One of the other projects we will be tackling over the summer is bricking the front steps , I have always love red brick steps and we have settled on this brick veneer , we have some work to do getting all the paint off the steps , but it will look great when its done and it is what we have always wanted.

Here is a great example of a red brick entry , don't you love it ....? I do.

We took a chance yesterday when they were calling for rain and went to Canada's Wonderland, but with the weather forecasts you really never know how a day will turn out , it turned out fine , a little rain kept a lot of people away and we enjoyed quick line ups and lots of roller coasters , I even braved the biggest roller coaster there , thought I was going to die for a moment of two , but I did it , we all did it , and I hate heights by the way ...there was a lot of screaming that helped me get through.

They had to do their spinning and turning rides by themselves , I can spin and spin ...I must be getting old.

So in case you have been waiting the winner of the Easy Decorating magazine is Andrea of www.noemptychairsblog.com , thank you for all the wonderful supportive comments.

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