Monday, June 6, 2011

Bunkie building begins

pool traditional poolHow inspiring are these images , this is a real dream backyard we love...

pool traditional pool You don't need a big space to have a beautiful space. This space clearly has a bigger budget than we do , but isn't it beautiful?

I had this Saturday off from work and the weather was gorgeous , so I talked my husband into getting started on the framing part of our bunkie /shed , this will mostly function as a shed but in the few hot months this will be a fun place for guests to sleep and most fun for sleepovers for the kids.

I know it seems big , but it is only 96 sq feet , there is no real benefit for us to keep our smallish yard empty , we want to create a get away right in our own backyard , some where to relax , entertain , BBQ and spend our weekend in the summer . We are trying to create a low maintenance backyard for our family.
My husband was such a trooper all weekend getting this work done , thanks so much Todd , we are celebrating our 14th anniversary tomorrow , I even bought a new dress to celebrate , we don't normally make a big deal over these things , actually most often we both forget our anniversary as we are thinking more about the two girls birthdays coming up in a couple of weeks.

It was so summery this weekend and we spend most of our time outside enjoying it thoroughly , even the hammock came out.

Isn't he cute ...well both dogs got the doggie stomach flu which was brutal , have you ever given a dog Pepto well you know how yucky it tastes , dogs don't like it much either , but it helps a little.

By evening we had sunburns and some walls , next we will clad some more walls , some weather wrap , cedar shakes , windows to order , roof joists , roof , pine cottage flooring , paneling for the walls and ceiling , just a little bit of work , right ...! I think we are officially weekend warriors now.

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