Sunday, November 21, 2010

My friend just finished a little big bathroom makeover for her daughters bath , she hated all this bossy blue the previous homeowners chose it , blue counters, blue floor and a totally unrelated blue shower tile , she originally painted it a neutral tone but it didn't help , it probably made it a little worse, the blues that is , so after hanging around me for a long while she wondered if adding bead board would help ? and adding some white and a blue above I convinced her to get v-groove pine panelling . She ripped out the old builder ceramic towel bar and toilet paper holder , which left quite a mess , which makes this nice high v-groove perfect to just cover over the mess left behind.
I suggested she create a frame around the mirror out of simple MDF, I think it turned out so nicely , I picked this wall colour out of a stack of paint chips , it is Heavy Goose by Martha Steward Home Depot , it is a dirty grey blue , perfect for this room , just enough colour. Didn't we do a great job , she had all the hard work of course, great job Lisa.
The white is popped corn by Behr.
Here is what has kept me busy over this weekend , I decided to re-do my floors in the upstairs hall to the bedrooms , not to sand it completely bare but to take down the major claw marks the dogs added years ago , it really needed a good oil based top coat , which I skipped last time , I knew it was wrong but this is a live and learn process sometimes.

Here it is as I am desperately trying to dry this top coat more quickly than the expected 8 hours dry time more coat after everyone goes to bed ...
I also finished some more pillows , robin's egg velvet ones , I will have to show you just how many pillows I have made for this Holiday House Tour is quite something .
I was able to get a sponsor for some flowers for the house tour ...the rest is sponsored by little old me ....I am hitting the spa soon after for a little well deserved pampering.

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