Thursday, November 11, 2010

Half price lamp = perfect addition + hanging tip

I wanted to add a lamp either a tall table lamp or a floor lamp for this side of the room but I didn't want to spend too much , when I was out shopping for little baskets I spied the perfect lamp , tall curvy vintage looking in a quirky way and best of all it was on clearance half price actually $25.00 for the perfect lamp , well actually it had one flaw , the shade was pink , I figured I could recover it , but then it occurred to me , why not paint it ?
It was worth a try , so I taped off the inside and sprayed away the pink , and it worked and looks perfect and Mason loves it too ...

I wanted to install the CD holder we already had that I sprayed black , have you ever had a hard time installing something like this with two screws , you measure and you think you have it all right and then it is off a little occurred to me that I could line everything up right with a little bit of painters tape stick it across the wholes and poke through where the screws should go , then stick the tape to the wall and transfer your holes , make sure it is all level of course , seriously why didn't I think of this before ...?????????

Level it ...

The result a level easily installed item, priceless.

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