Friday, November 19, 2010

Day trip , day dreaming

*edited to reveal the winner has been chosen Jean McKay from Sudbury Ontario ....congrats Jean you are one lucky winner , I would love to come over anytime for a cup of coffee ....hint hint A while back I received an email from a staff member of House & Home mentioning a home I would love to see , well boy were they right , but my tardy response lead me to miss out on an amazing home , a home someone is soon to WIN , that's right one lucky winner will soon call this place home , what a dream come true it is part of a lottery to support the Princess Margaret Hospital. Not only do they get to live in one of Canada's best cities but this custom designed house created by House & Home and a block or so away from Lake Ontario , that is one lucky soul.
I was told the house was still open for viewing , so I packed the girls up , today was a PA day , and we headed off to Oakville to not only see this house but to take a walk down memory lane.
We couldn't get in but I could take a good peak in the windows knowing it is still technically a show home and not someones house .... I still felt like a creep though. Don't worry I stayed off the grass as the signs asked . You can find more beautiful photos in the current issue of Canadian House & Home. and video tours here .
This porch was to die for , the pillars so graciously over sized , the door is so grand , I believe the door was at least 4 feet wide and the side lites at least 2 ft wide , amazing and it has some new age gadget lock that just needs your finger print to get in , cool , such gorgeous curb appeal.

Of course since this house was inspired by the Some Thing's Gotta Give house it needed grey shakes and crisp white trim , my house has these features too , so classic and beautiful , did you know adding shakes is an easy do it yourself project , I know I did it , even if just an accent here and there it is a great addition to consider.

I tried oh so hard to get one of my girls to come out of the car and pose in front of this door so you could see its scale no such luck. This premiere area of Oakville is a very special spot , a real one of a kind area so many multi million dollar homes on mature lots , houses designed with incredible details and nothing left undone , one more stunning than the next , we even passed an estate , a lake front estate priced at a cool $16 million .

I was able to peek in as I said , I wish I had more to show you , you would die , the floors are stunning , deep dark and flat finish which is stylish and casual , that is it I am re-finishing my pine floors before the weekend is over thanks to this.

I love this generous front hall , Todd and I have always wanted a place with a round table in the center hall, this one is just my style with the lantern and relaxed styling , not fussy or pretentious .... look at the mouldings and beans , this is also easy enough to add , I have more to be added to my house as well in the future.
With my head hanging low we drove off to see how this area had changed in the last 9 years , the streets Todd and I would walk down and often and dream about owning a house like this or that someday , well these weren't here , they were much more modest I assure you , but now mcmansion after mcmansion street after street ,I must admit me and my girls were loving them , it is truly impressive , it was not missed at all that there was a striking influence of the Hampton's here , they could easily say that Oakville is Canada's Hampton's , playground for the rich and famous I am sure if you have a budget between 1.5 million to about 3 million this is your neighbourhood .

This charmer took my breath away , not too grand of fussy but just classic generous and perfectly detailed , I need the giant acorns that are hanging from the front porch . click the photo to enlarge it .

I was so impressed by the scale of these porch posts , truly incredible , see what I mean very Hampton's vibe , lots of single and fabulous trim details .

I do remember this house from way back when we would walk these streets , these doors are to die for , that cream painted one must be the mudroom entrance right , that is on the dream list a breeze way from the garage to the mudroom .
I hope you enjoyed the tour of a few of Oakville's finest streets, I promise I will go back and go on a walking tour and take more photos , from palatial to charming and even a few ultra modern homes thrown in , it is always fun to house stalk .... I mean it only in the best of ways of course , pure admiration. Its always fun to dream .
here is a fun listing to look at , I would take one of these too
and hey if Oprah is still looking

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