Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bring it on

It is no wonder I am tired and not in the mood to do any projects around the house I think they are all finished , well mostly , here are a few of the projects I completed or tackled in preparation for the Holiday House Tour this past Saturday , nice to have everything completed well in time for Christmas .

Made a few coffee filter pom poms , easy and fun ....http://jonesdesigncompany.com/create/coffee-filter-foof-tutorial/ check here for how to , I skipped the first step , I didn't cover the Styrofoam ball with flat filters I just glued them right on .

Made shell ornaments for the Christmas tree , shells are from the dollar store

Re-designed the stockings with old velvet drapes .

Painted Mason's room and re-did all her trim

Built a half wall at the entry , this is my favorite thing

A major makeover on this media cabinet , cleaned up the lines added v-groove and painted it black then waxed it all to a lovely sheen

We went through an operation and recovery with Sophie , tonsils and adenoids removed , good news she is breathing beautifully at night ... we are glad to have this behind us.

Made drapes and a new light fixture using this new lamp shade and adding embellishments to it to create a one of a kind fixture

Painting all the doors black ...still need to do touch ups ...

Adding details to Mason's cupboard ...

Made so so many pillows ...

My little chandelier makeover , painting and beading and crystals did the trick

I wrapped twig place mats around different sized vases

Last but not least I created a little Christmas decor , I dug out this Ikea shadow box frame , I screwed into the interior a little hook and suspended a snow flake ornament from it , cheap and easy project , this would be lovely with a grouping of all different sized frames done in the same way , the blue background is a sheet of glacine paper .
Although I am happy to have a break I am looking forward to getting to work , making things for clients and making differences in their homes , bring it on .

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