Wednesday, November 10, 2010

not quite complete

Well here it is , nearly done, Mason likes it very much and I am very happy with it too , a nice room to grow up in .

Here is the other side , as you can see I haven't done the casings , can you believe they were completely out of the MDF I needed , where did it all go I needed 1x4x8 not one single board , so that will wait for a few days , there is still time .

I still have to work on the details , like painting that green box black and swapping out the pink boxes for baskets, oh and doing all the trim work still.

I found some cute knobs at Michael's Craft store for $1.69 each , I think they are so charming.

I moved the furniture around to make the most of the room , I eliminated the giant wall of closets that were planned for this bedroom to keep it open , we had purchased a three door armoire for the closet , this has allowed us the maximum amount of flexibility in this room , we can move the whole room around again and again , and we have.
I was able to keep all the furniture we had and even add a generously deep arm chair and a little side table . I am going to have to work on the bookcase , what is with all those pink books?

I created a little dressing area behind the door to hand out pretty outfits and even a little rack for shoes ...I used a wide piece of MDF and cut off the corners and painted it black I then screwed the MDF to two studs and then attached three simple hooks.

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