Monday, November 8, 2010

So many holes to fill

I finally had time to dedicate to painting Mason's bedroom today which started at 8:30 am and went on until 5:00 pm , the first 3 hours or so consisted of clearing out the clutter which now is all over the place , I hate this part . I then removed the door casing and all of the baseboards , I always remove the cheap thin stuff if I wouldn't put it in , it needs to go before I make any effort to make the trim better , in all the bedrooms I have used all flat profile MDF 5 1/2 inches usually , which is what I will use in here too , it is pretty cheap and easy to build off of for things like board and batten and wainscoting too , Mason has asked for wainscoting on her bed wall only.

After the deconstruction and removal I then went onto filling every little hole , somewhere near 500 I estimate , although it was a big job I don't mind it is part of re-painting and redecorating , every few years is not too much to ask , these big holes above were from a floating shelf , I wanted a fresh blank slate to move things to new locations if we decided to do so , this required a lot of filling and a lot of sanding , I paid special attention to sanding down the stenciled pattern on the one wall , I didn't want those popping up in the new design.
I am happy to say I made great progress today two coats completed, after heading off to my favorite local Home Depot to pick up some paint to get this job done , I had chosen a Martha Stewart colour called FLAGSTONE a brownish grey with mauve undertones a great shade , although I was a little hesitant to paint a room dark, I don't like dark , I have done dark and I am more of a light and airy type , but I think it looks great , very new and more grown up . I have to say my first experience with Martha Paint was a great one , I was very happy with how it went on and how well it covered , love it and the price was good too , I was very pleased.
Lot's of work still to do , installing the remaining trim , painting the trim , painting the dresser , finding just the right spot for everything and decorating the walls and hanging the drapes oh and cleaning out all the junk that my dear Mason is hanging onto me Rhonda...

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