Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happy House Tour

Well the Holiday House Tour is behind me and it was a real blast , I loved meeting everyone ,I stuck around for the first two hours, people were so kind and complimentary , I was happy to answer questions , like about this floor , people love this Tarkett floor , it is Cherry artisan finished engineered if you are wondering as well , I could have stayed all day talking but I didn't want to miss the other houses , this was my first tour , there was a group of ladies that rented a limo , now that is a great idea year
I love how clean the master bath is , it looks so polished and pristine , wish it could look this way forever , no ugly shampoo bottles or soap anywhere , everything ugly is stashed away , did you see my new striped rug there , so nice huh

People enjoyed my subtle Christmas theme , there are so many details for people to take in after all , I printed up a sheet of interesting things that I did in each room

I stayed up very late making these coffee filter pomeanders , aren't they cute ?
When you are pressed to get things right don't you hate it when they go wrong, there is no time for things to go wrong two days before a big home tour through your house , well when I was removing the cushion cover the other day to wash it it ripped at the zipper and just kept ripping a catastrophic rip, I worried this would happen someday , see the zipper that was put in by the seamstress I used was not the right size , it did not wrap around the corners , so in a panic I called Lisa a wonderful cushion cover genius , she sensed my panic and she saved the day and replaced the zipper and back panel in nick of time , she really saved me , did you know zippers comes in a roll ? and should wrap around the corner of your cushion to allow for easy stress free foam or stuffing removal ...if it doesn't have this done properly Many many people loved the old door turned chalkboard

Also the magnetic crystals on the chandelier were a BIG hit , I heard many people say that they were going away with many ideas , how wonderful Home Depot , only in Canada maybe I should sell these , any orders ?

We can finally use all the new pillows I made that I have been stashing away to keep clean until today , there is nothing like new fresh pillows

The other day I brought out the paint to touch up the girls bathroom , I mistakenly used the "wrong" colour , which left me re-painting the bath in the "wrong" colour which happily turned into the right colour after all , happy accident and since two of the walls are tile it wasn't so much painting

I was able to get all of Mason's bedroom project completed , like painting her dresser drawers black and painting and completing all of her trim
I am glad that I participated and I really enjoyed looking through the other homes I only missed one, I wish I could have shown you photos there were some amazing spaces, no photos allowed , darn eh ! my neighbours are troopers dealing with a steady stream of cars all day , thanks to them for that
I am going to have a long deserved rest
Are you wondering how a house fairs after hundreds of people make their way through ? well I am happy to say everything looks just how I left it , there was one sharpie accident but nothing I can't handle its just a paint touch up , like my husband said I basically repainted the whole house leading up to this tour so a little touch up is no big deal , I hope the person doesn't feel to badly about it worries
Good night all
Chris is going for a nice long rest

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