Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Happy news to share...the coffered ceiling is finished and I mean finished

 What a relief to say that the big ceiling project is complete. It took 9 long days which is more than a reasonable investment of time for such a great result. I am not excited to tackle another ceiling project any time soon but there will be one more biggie in the new year, the dining room. At least the dining room is a seldom used room , for now anyway. It won't put anyone out all to work on the dining room but that is for another day.
 Let's just let me take this all in , it's so pretty I can barely stand it . I painted it Behr's vermont cream  in satin which was as close a match as I could get to our existing paint color. Sorry it is so hard to take a good picture of the room with that plastic door in the way of a good shot , I will get a better picture soon.
 I am taking a day off from renovations tomorrow to recoup a little and to clean and get some errands done. I think I deserve a little break.

We have been talking about finally getting a new sofa after having the same sofa for at least 11 years and this one is the one I am thinking about. You never know how something really is that you see online until you see it in real life, right? so I must go check it out in person.
I love the idea of a sofa with a chaise, the sofa we have now is primarily a two seater so a three seater plus chaise for the family room would be perfect. I think a new arrangement is in order. Everything we have had in the family room is a mishmash and I am ready for a change, it would be nice.
We will see...I need to do a little more investigating before any purchases are made.

For now my mind must get back to the flooring that will begin on Thursday , I won't be showing any progress pics because I just want to install it and then reveal the completed room , well the completed empty room I guess. It's always a work in progress.

Have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by.


Laurie said...

This is absolutely fantastic - and inspiring! I love your photographs because it makes the process look so clear -- I was leaning towards doing a little more subdued version of a coffered ceiling but after reading your posts about the process, I am totally going to do mine this way as well. I don't want to say it looks easy, but it looks manageable and that's all the encouragement I need! Thanks for posting it all along the way. I'll have to get lifting some weights so I can tackle this in January --

Pat said...

Your ceiling is GORGEOUS!!!!!!

Patricia Goins said...

It turned out absolutely beautiful! Cannot wait to see what else you will do with the room :)

graham said...

It looks beautiful...can't wait for the floor to go in! Love it!

Razmataz said...

You are so talented. My friend owns a consignment shop in Oakville, and I saw this amazing BRAND NEW sectional there a few weeks ago...a designer bought it and it was too big for the room. Very similar to the one you pictured. Here is the link in case you have an interest.

Jake said...

It is beautiful, classic and practically perfect in every way. :) You deserve a break.
Hubby thinks it's fantastic, too.


Marian M. said...

Stunning! You are truly inspiring, and I love each and every project that you do.